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Should You Tip An Escort?

Show Your Hot Date a Little Extra Love!

There’s no concrete rules on whether to tip or not, but giving your escort a little extra could work out well for you too.

Whenever we pay for a service, we’re faced with that age-old dilemma, to tip or not to tip? It’s certainly a divisive subject, with lots of arguments on either side. When it comes to hiring an escort, you’ll find exactly the same debate going on. So should you tip an escort? If you’re the kind of person who slips waiters or barbers a little extra, chances are you’re in favour of it. After all, it’s a skilled profession like any other. For those who need a little convincing – here are some reasons to tip your escort.

Book with the best

First things first, a top agency will never make you tip. It’s always at your discretion. At Agency Barracuda, where you can find the best North London Escorts, you pay the fee that you agree before the date. A great agency will never deceive you and surprise you with hidden extra charges. A lot of their clients do tip though – because the service goes beyond any they have experienced before.

Make her feel valued

Tipping is a great way to just show that you care for and appreciate your escort. Great escorts are never solely motivated by money, but a little bit extra from a client will really make them feel appreciated. How much you decide to tip is up to you, but even the smallest amount will show that you really had a great time.

If she goes the extra mile

If your escort goes above and beyond during your time together, then a tip is a very good idea. Some escorts are faced with requests that they have never heard before, or are introduced to entirely new kinks, fetishes and fantasies. So sometimes she’ll find herself stepping out of her comfort zone and really exploring her sexuality. A tip reflects that extra effort she’s put in.

Marking a long-standing arrangement

If you’ve been seeing the same escort for a long time, chances are you’re more likely to tip her. Just as you would with any professional you’ve built a great rapport with, you’ll take some joy in giving her a little bit extra to treat herself with. Whether she spends it on a trip to a spa or a slinky new dress, she’ll repay your generosity on your next date. So it’s a win-win situation!

Impress the agency

Last but not least, tipping your escorts will ensure that you establish a great reputation with the agency. Agencies are much more likely to offer exclusive offers and perks to clients who treat their escorts well – and being a generous tipper really is the mark of a gentleman. So although you’re spending a little extra, you’ll find that it pays dividends later on.

A small but meaningful gesture

Like we said at the start – deciding whether to tip is something that’s personal, and you should never be bullied into it. It doesn’t have to be a huge tip – the gesture itself says more than the amount of money that you hand over.  Making an effort to be kind and generous to your escort will help you to establish a great relationship and will also make you a firm favourite with the agency of your choice.

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