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Escorting: Tips to Protect Yourself from Danger


We have to admit it: Escorting can be very dangerous. Hell, it can put your life at risk. But it all depends on how you take and manage it. There are many ways to work as VIP Escorts. And of course you want to learn which one is the safest and most profitable.

Even though some people may argue that “no risk no money” reigns here, it’s not true. You can really earn a lot of money while keeping your risks at a low level. As simple as that. The invitation is here for you: Read this article!

If You Get Clients From The Internet…

2You must be extra careful in these cases. If you work on your own, then chances are you get your clients from the internet. In these cases it’s always good to talk with the person very well before going ahead with the deal.

Remember to tell him that if the deal involves going to a hotel, then you must choose it. Never accept to be conducted to dangerous zones in your city, because it’s only inviting problems and danger.

Be careful with this and remember these simple yet effective tips. Another thing you must remember is to make your limits explicit. Make your client know what your limits are and make sure he respects them. Tell him that if he wants to hire you for something which is listed in your limits, then you won’t accept it.

You must be firm and not be afraid to drop clients like that. It’s all for your safety, because at the end of the day that’s what really matters. So make sure to add that page to your website and everything will be fine. You can be confident and sure of that.

3A page that tells all your limits is the perfect first filter. But of course, the best way to tell if a client is good or bad is by directly talking over the phone. Even though it’s not 100% accurate, in most cases you can tell it. And on top of that, remember him that you decide what hotel to go to. Never accept to go to his house, because it’s way too dangerous.

In general, it is safer to join high class escort agency, where all clients will be screened first, and your diary will be managed so that all you have to do is enjoy your time with the men!

So here is all you need to know to protect yourself. It’s all you need to do to protect yourself from the danger outside.

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