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A London Escort Tells All

Everything You Wanted to Know


Ever wondered what it’s like to be one of the most popular escorts in town? Well, read our chat with Gemma to find out!

It’s a real misconception that girls are forced into the escorting industry. Many girls start working as escorts because they love the company of men, and want to explore their own sexuality. When asked what drove her to lead such an unconventional lifestyle, Gemma, a top London escort, reveals that it’s the thrill of meeting different men, and of course, the money. “It’s no secret that my line of work pays well,” she says. “I’m able to lead a life many girls my age could only dream of.”


Getting started

Gemma did her research before getting into escorting, and talked to a few different agencies before settling on one. “Working for an agency means that I attract more clients and I’m looked after,” she says. “Plus, I get to get up to lots of fun with the other Fantasy London escort girls!” Gemma, who describes herself as “a slim, twentysomething British brunette,” also rubbishes the idea that escorts have sex with all their clients. She says that only around 20% of her customers expect physical intimacy. “Many men just want some company, and I accompany lots of clients to events or dinner in London.”

Meeting different needs

Gemma says that around 50% of her clients are single, and they come to her for all kinds of reasons. “Some are lonely and looking for a real connection. I have one client who adores me. He promises me the world and treats me to nights in the best hotels in London. Some just want some no-strings fun, and that’s fine too.” She reveals that as well as men, she will also see groups and couples.

It’s not all glitz and glamour

Her job often takes her to places like The Ritz or the homes of millionaires, but Gemma makes a point of stating that this is not where escorts spend every night. “Sometimes you go to tower blocks, sometimes you go to people who live in house shares. I work for an agency who offer great rates, so I meet men from all walks of life. As long as he’s kind, it doesn’t matter to me if he’s wealthy or where he lives.”

Unexpected requests

Gemma always has the right to refuse a client’s requests if they make her uncomfortable, and she says that working for a trusted agency gives her additional protection. “I see some people that have some…unusual desires,” she laughs. “If there is something that’s a bit out of my comfort zone and I feel like I don’t want to do that for my hourly rate, I can charge more,” she says. She notes that everything she does sexually with her clients is protected.

Business was booming this summer!

Gemma works four or five nights a week, but her hours and pay varies, especially when business is booming and she can easily pick up extra hours. Once, an extremely wealthy client gave her £2,000 in cash as a reward for her hard work, and most clients are very generous. “The World Cup was a crazy time for me!” she says. “Happy men make for bigger tips, and there were lots of happy football fans this summer!”

Clients have never had more choice

Agencies can have as many girls on the books as they like, as this provides more choice for the customers. “There can be as many as 50+ working at an agency at one time, and we have girls range from 18 to mature,” she says. “Escorting is becoming more and more popular, so there’s never been a better time for clients in regards to variety.”

This girl can’t get enough!

Her parting thoughts are that escorting shouldn’t be frowned upon, and escorts should be recognised as the skilled workers they are. “I’m not messed up, and I’ve had a good education. I’ve worked as a fashion model and have travelled the world, but at the end of the day escorting is the one job I have had that I find truly rewarding. I don’t plan to stop any time soon!”

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